Krampus Claws is coming to town...

The history of Santa, the North Pole, and Krampus spans hundreds of years and contributed significantly in the evolution of societies around the globe. The rivalry between Krampus and Santa began in 1836, after Scrooge and Marley invested in the expansion of railways throughout London. Krampus VS Christmas is the next chapter since their first encounter.

Coming To Arizona Holiday Season 2025

KvsC Teamwork

Teambuilding – You’ll need a group of friends, family, or and/or coworkers to defeat the legendary Krampus and his naughty minions.

KvsC ThinkingOutsideTheBox

Critical Thinking – Your group will need to analyze situations, strategize, and problem solve.

Ghost of Christmas

Historical – Learn the Past, Present, and Future of the characters, the North and South Poles, and of Christmas.

KvsC Multicultural

Multicultural – The war between the South Pole and the North Pole includes characters from at least 16 other countries, including: Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece,  Japan, Mexico, Norway, Turkey, and more. 


Evolving – Whether Krampus wins or loses, he will return next year. Only next time, he will come better prepared.  Krampus VS Christmas will have a bigger, better production every year with different plots and a different format.

If you know of any culturally festive, or winter folklore characters we’ve missed, please tell us about it! We will add them to the story and event. If you’re interested in Krampus VS Christmas, we’d be ever so grateful if you’d visit our social media, like us, and follow us for updates and discounts! We appreciate the support!

Tentative Opening Date

November 1st, 2025


Chandler, AZ

Hours of Operation

5:45pm – 11pm 7 days per week